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Sore mouth, throat & gums

Your throat feels raw and irritated inside; you are scared to eat or drink as every sip or bite you take hurts. Hopefully, the following tips will help soothe your throat quickly & naturally:
Drink plenty of fluids like herb soups, juices & smoothies (using berries).
Increase your fluid intake (plain warm water)
Do not forget to gargle regularly with warm water and ½ tsp of salt. Do not gargle if you have nausea as well.
Try foods like cold cereal & milk, French toast, soy pancakes, well-cooked bland rice and dal or soft rice with slightly flavored buttermilk.
Snack on well-cooked sweet potato with honey, (helps to heal the soreness) or bread puddings, custard or flavored gelatins.
Do include a cup of yogurt in between meals or during meals to boost your body to fight better and flush out the toxins.
BEWARE! Do not include spicy foods, fizzy drinks and crispy foods like wafers, potato chips, cookies, biscuits & crackers till the soreness is gone.
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