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Daily Food Diary Guide

What is Daily Food Diary Guide?
For most Cancer patients the toughest part during and after treatment is to eat enough food to regain strength. The side effects and treatment itself make this task painful and daunting.

The Daily Food Diary Guide teaches you to be aware of your nutrient needs as a cancer patient and then helps you keep track of these calories during the day.

As a cancer patient you may be put on a High Calorie and High Protein diet. Our day's meal plan provides:Total Calories: 2200 cals, total Fat: 68 - 73g & total Protein: 75 - 80g. This distribution of nutrients helps the individual to meet the day's requirements of 55 - 60% carbs, 15 % protein and 25 - 30% fats. Our aim is to provide extra calories through dense carbs & fats to prevent weight loss and the extra protein is to help your body tissue repair/heal and prevent infections.

This online tool will help you calculate your daily nutrient intake; especially the calories and proteins, sodium, potassium, vitamins that you consume each day. This tool also calculates how many servings from each food group you are consuming on a daily basis.

Thereafter, you can have your NutritionVista dietitian customize your diet to implement changes based on your personal likes and dislikes and side effects, to help you regain your strength.
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