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Cancer Management

How does it help me manage my cancer treatment?
Cancer ManagementNutrition and diet are very important when you are healthy, but they become critical when your body is under attack.

This tool allows you to work closely with your caregiver and your doctors by keeping a constant track of your dietary requirements and actual intakes. It helps you anticipate your cycle of side effects and learn to deal with them before they escalate, prior to, during and after the treatment.

It assesses the quantity and quality of the food you eat and helps you and your dietitian understand your diet pattern and personal likes and dislikes.

It helps track symptoms to make you aware of unpleasant reactions that may occur during and after your treatment. This tool provides an exhaustive list of nutritional information on each and every food item you consume, thus enabling you to plan meals & then incorporate necessary changes for you to eat better.

It enables you to send out a complete report to your oncologist as often as once a week, to help him treat your illness and help you handle your side effects better. By entering and tracking your daily condition as it goes up and down, you will start to see patterns of your symptoms based on your treatment cycles.

Use this tool to become more aware of your symptoms, and then learn how to address them before they become complicated and/ or life threatening.

The Diet Guidance System menu plans for cancer patients are carefully thought out suggestions by our dietitians for you to follow and are based on the knowledge that you need to eat a balanced diet with the right nutrients, portion sizes and frequency.

There are no standardized recommendations that we can base our suggestions on, except to stress the need to make you eat healthy and right.
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