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Importance of keeping track of blood counts

Your doctor will regularly check your blood cell count by doing a test called a complete blood count or CBC. This helps him understand whether your treatment is working, and that your blood count levels are not dangerously low. After cancer treatment it may take a few weeks for your counts to get back to normal.
Blood counts measure three important components of blood:
Red blood cells, which carry oxygen to cells throughout the body
White blood cells, which fight infection
Platelets, which help blood to clot and stop bleeding
In cancer treatment, surgery removes cancer cells and surrounding tissue, but chemotherapy affects the cells in the entire body. During chemotherapy cancerous cells as well as healthy bone marrow cells are destroyed so the body produces fewer blood cells. This is what leads to a drop in your blood counts which in turn affects your energy levels and ability to fight off infections, and causes debilitating side effects.
Monitoring a patient’s diet can help prevent major dips in blood count levels; a carefully planned diet can help in improving levels of hemoglobin and other blood parameters.
Hemoglobin Level
WBC count
Platelets Level
Sodium Levels
Potassium Level
Blood Sugar Level
Thyroid Level
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