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How do I set up my personal health & nutrition log?
We ask that you set up secure credentials to save all your entries, so the dietitian assigned to you can review, evaluate and counsel you towards your goal.
Click here to set up your credentials
Enter your secure login user name and password, e-mail ID, secret question & answer. You can complete your personal profile at your convenience at a later date.
What Is 'My Dashboard'?
It has Nutrition Tools to help you maintain your Daily Nutrition & Exercise Diary.
Use it to track what you eat, how much you exercise and how you feel on a daily basis.

Your Personal Dashboard is where you maintain your current health measurements, your daily diet diary & analysis, as well as your exercise log and reports. These are all tools you can use to understand where your diet is inadequate and needs help.

Your personal dietitian can simultaneously view your dashboard with you, guide you in improving and work with you to improve your diet and lifestyle at a pace that is sustainable and doesn't compromise your health.
About my Paypal account
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I've signed up and paid for a subscription. Now how do I get access to it?

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What is the 'Favorites' tool
We are creatures of habit, so most of us eat the same foods on a daily basis with only slight daily variations.

Eg.For breakfast every day I personally eat -
1 banana
1 glass of skimmed milk
1 tea with milk and sugar

After I log in to my dashboard I can save these as my breakfast favorites, so they automatically show up for every days breakfast.

Now if on one specific day I eat a bowl of oatmeal instead of the banana, then I simply click on the garbage can near the banana entry and it removes the banana for just that day.

Then I look up oatmeal and add it to just todays breakfast.

We recommend the following:
Spend the time to set up your days favorites for all meals, in fact set up all things you eat regularly and also sometimes. It is easier to drop a food in the garbage can for that day, then it is to search it out and enter the serving sizes etc.

This feature will save you a lot of time, and that's why we created it!!

If you need further help ask a dietitian who is on live chat or leave a message through suggestion/ feedback.
Bon apetit!
What is the Nutritional Adequacy Rating System
How did NV come up with these nutritive values?
The foods have been rated 0 to 5, wherein higher the rating the more the potential of the food to positively impact your health condition, when consumed as a part of an overall balanced diet. Lower ratings do not necessarily mean that the food should be avoided but that, it is best consumed sparingly. Likewise, high ratings do not guarantee a perfect food but indicate that a food is a positive addition to your diet. These star ratings may not take into account all nutrients that may affect your individual needs. Please note that, all foods, regardless of their rating, have the potential to play an important role in your diet.

On the 'Daily Nutrition Log' page: Nutrient values of cooked foods have been calculated from recipes that best represent most commonly used methods of preparation. The nutritive values will vary if the same food item is prepared in a different manner.

What criteria were used to award Star rating to certain foods?
Weight loss & Heart star ratings: NutritionVista star ratings are based on criteria established by the NutritionVista team of experts, intended to help consumers choose better dietary options for their health condition. NV strongly recommends that you seek the advice of our qualified dietitians who can suggest a customized diet plan for you.

What are Bonus Calories? If on a given day, your actual exercise levels exceed the recommended levels, then the extra calories you have spent are referred to as bonus calories. You are then allowed to treat yourself to a reasonable portion of a food that is not a part of your diet plan, or an extra amount of a food that is a part of your diet plan, to maintain your current weight. Keep in mind that resulting calorie intake does not exceed the bonus calorie level. However, if you are aiming to lose weight, take advantage of actually burning extra calories rather then consuming them.
The NutritionVista Fee schedule
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Weight control | Cholesterol reduction | Blood pressure reduction | Diabetes management | Cancer management | Kidney disease
Dietitian Live Chat Schedule
Our dietitians have their online schedule so you can schedule an appointment at a time that suits you. If our dietitians are offline, please do leave a message and one of the team dietitians will get back to you within 6-8 hours.

If you would like to leave a message for your specific dietitian, please mention the name and the number you would like to be reached.
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Nutrition Therapy in Cancer Management
Cancer information home
These are Nutrition Tools carefully set up to monitor your diet, exercise and symptoms before, during and after cancer treatment.

Daily food diary Do you know what to eat to build strength while battling cancer.
Symptom tracker
Cancer menu plans

Manage side effects through diet & nutrition
Impact of cancer on your blood counts
Nutrition & Diet
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Health Solutions | In Depth Coverage provides web-based nutrition tools and services that enable consumers to take charge of their own health. Our clinical nutrition programs provide online nutrition counseling services for weight-control; nutrition therapy for managing diabetes and cancer and customized menu plans to lower cholesterol. Our online nutritionists provide health risk assessments, diet evaluations, guidance and support to address the consumers underlying health conditions and personal likes and dislikes.

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