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The Best Exercise & Diet Regimen for Diabetes

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
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Exercise For Diabetes & Diet Regiment For Diabetics
In diabetes management the aim of nutrition therapy is for the patient to achieve an ideal body weight, have glycemic control and to prevent getting complications. It should simply be a well balanced menu plan with plenty of options so a patient can follow a stabilizing program with ease on a daily basis.




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User Comments

26 April, 2011 | Vijayalakshmi Iyengar | Reply

Vijayalakshmi Iyengar A special Diet to reverse diabetic related kidney damage.
A new study and the first of its kind showed how a controlled diet high in fat and low in carbohydrate can repair kidney damage in diabetic mice.

According to researcher Charles Mobbs, professor of neuroscience and geriatrics and palliative care medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York City, studies on animals very clearly showed the link between a Ketogenic diet (A type of low-carb & high-fat very typically used on epileptic children to manage seizures) and the repair to the damaged kidney tubules, affected by high blood sugar from both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. If this diet is successful in humans too it can probably replace dialysis. (A procedure that artificially filters blood in place of a damaged or failed kidney). This right now seems plausible but not conclusive till more tests are done on mice and then on humans, but exciting news nevertheless.
The current findings are seen in the early stages of diabetes but whether it will have the same effect on end stage kidney failure is yet to be established.
Sr Dietitian

29 October, 2010 | Sangeetha Narayana Swamy | Reply

Sangeetha Narayana Swamy A study presented at the Western Canada Nutrition Day by the faculty of University of Alberta, shows that people who are practice moderately intense activity for 7 hours per week have 58% lesser blood glucose levels than the placebo group and 27% lesser blood glucose levels than the group that was treated with metformin. The placebo group and the group treated with metformin were relatively inactive, though were encouraged to take up physical activity.

Therefore we have to understand that exercise plays a important role in the control of diabetes, hypertension, weight and lipids in diabetics. Also exercise always helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

24 July, 2010 | Vijayalakshmi | Reply

Vijayalakshmi Hi Sonali, If your 17 yr old son has a check on his Diabetes and managing it well in concurrence with his doctor/diabetologist he can decide his activity level. Nonetheless activity will help stabilize his sugar level and he will be fitter overall.Ask him to read this article for inspiration.,126.aspx

24 June, 2010 | Parul | Reply

Parul I agree, regular meal timings and small and frequent meals are important for diabetics.This would not only prevent spike in blood glucose but would also prevent hypoglycemia.

14 November, 2009 | Padmini Balagopal | Reply

Padmini Balagopal Exercise is beneficial but when a person's blood sugar (glucose) levels are high (over 250 mg/dl) , exercising can exacerbate the blood glucose levels. It is also important to check blood glucose levels before and after a bout of exercise and sometimes even in the middle if a long exercise workout is planned. Appropriate snacke before and after can ensure maintenance of blood glucose levels within recommended ranges as recommended by your personal Diabetologist.
Padmini Balagopal

24 September, 2009 | Sonali | Reply

Sonali What about for our son who is 17 and has Type I diabetes. He is somewhat active. Will increasing his activity level help stabilize his sugar?

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