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General health

General health 123

Current topics under general health cover Mens Health, womens health, childrens, health, h... Read More


Nutrition 122

What is the role of nutrition in daily life? Is nutrition the same as diet. What is balanc... Read More


Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle 74

What do we mean by a healthy lifestyle? A healthy lifestyle is one where your body stays d... Read More

Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy 71

The importance of eating healthy cannot be ignored. A well planned diet that offers balanc... Read More


Obesity / Weight Loss

Obesity / Weight Loss 61

Understanding obesity, its long term health implications and what you can do about it. Obe... Read More


Diet 54

What is a healthy diet? What is the role of diet in a healthy life. Types of diets, whats ... Read More


Healthy Foods

Healthy Foods 51

What are healthy foods? The articles under this section cover the importance of following ... Read More

Chronic Lifestyle Diseases

Chronic Lifestyle Diseases 42

What are chronic lifestyle diseases? Abdominal obesity, triglycerides, blood pressure, poo... Read More


Heart Health

Heart Health 36

Benefits of heart healthy. Diet and lifestyle modification for heart health. What is hear... Read More

Exercise and Yoga

Exercise and Yoga 32

Exercise is the critical factor that helps ensure a healthy body stays disease free and st... Read More


Sedentary Lifestyle

Sedentary Lifestyle 30

Read about problems associated with leading a sedentary lifestyle. The importance of leadi... Read More


Health Hazards

Health Hazards 30

Excessive Sodium, sugar and fats are health hazards that cause increase in incidence of ob... Read More

Seniors Health

Seniors Health 26

These articles highlight the problems of geriatric nutrition along with seniors nutritiona... Read More


Diabetes Prevention

Diabetes Prevention 25

What is the diabetes prevention program. Can diabetes be prevented? What is the role of di... Read More



Screening 24

It is important to get preventive screening and annual health checkups done to ensure earl... Read More

Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease 24

Heart diseases - What are cardiovascular diseases - Comprehensive overview covers symptoms... Read More



Diabetes 23

What is diabetes? Types of diabetes, causes, risk factors and treatment of diabetes. Can d... Read More

Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management 22

Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes - Your daily diet and exercise diary help manage your diabe... Read More



Hypertension 20

What is hypertension? This article covers information about hypertension, risk factors for... Read More



Fitness 19

What does it mean to be fit? Are fitness and diet synonymous. How can I get fitter? How ca... Read More



Pre-Diabetes 18

What is Insulin resistance, could I have pre-diabetes. Is my sugar level elevated? Insulin... Read More


Anemia 17

Anemia - Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, treatment of this red blood cell... Read More



Cancer 17

Types of cancers with links to disease-specific and general information about treatment,... Read More

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome 17

This article describes risk factors for metabolic syndrome are Abdominal obesity, Serum tr... Read More


Cancer Prevention

Cancer Prevention 17

Can cancer be prevented? What are the causes and risk factors of developing cancer and can... Read More



Cholesterol 16

What is cholesterol? Are there good and bad cholesterols? Nutrition and diet to help preve... Read More

Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Supplements 16

Should I take Nutritional supplements? This is a question best answered by your primary ca... Read More


Cancer Diet & Nutrition

Cancer Diet & Nutrition 16

The importance of diet and nutrition for cancer patients. The causes and management of nut... Read More

Food Fads

Food Fads 15

What are food fads? Types of food fad diets. Can a food fad affect my health. Are most foo... Read More


Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling 14

NutritionVista provides online nutrition counseling services. Our online nutritionists pro... Read More


Smoking 14


Antioxidants - Anti Aging

Antioxidants - Anti Aging 13

Can what you eat help you age gracefully. Read more about The Anti-Aging Diet -- Antioxida... Read More


Cancer Management

Cancer Management 12

What is cancer management. The importance of cancer care and nutrition therapy for cancer ... Read More


Water 12


Nutritional Myths

Nutritional Myths 12

What are Diet and Nutrition Myths - read articles on nutritional myths as debunked by Diet... Read More

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes 11

What is gestational diabetes, This section explains its causes and diagnosis, and outlines... Read More



Drugs 10

Are supplements considered drugs? What are the different types of drug classifications? Ca... Read More


Osteoporosis 10

Osteoporosis the thinning of bones and loss of bone density is the most common type of bon... Read More


Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer 10

What is oral cancer and what are its symptoms? Oral cancer is cancer of the mouth or oral... Read More

Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer 9

What is lung cancer and what are the risk factors for developing lung cancer. Does smoking... Read More


Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer 9

Breast Cancer Information - Information about breast cancer treatment, prevention, genetic... Read More


Fibre 8


Renal Diseases

Renal Diseases 8

Nutrition and diet must be personalized for renal disease patients. Nutritional requiremen... Read More


Alzheimers & Nutrition

Alzheimers & Nutrition 7

Learn about the basics of good nutrition and how it can benefit those suffering from Alzhe... Read More


Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse 7

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Causes, Symptoms, Signs and Disease Treatment. Learn about al... Read More

Pregnancy / Lactation

Pregnancy / Lactation 7

Pre-pregnancy is a critical phase to ensure the mothers body is ready for nourishing the u... Read More



Stress 6



Gastritis 6

Gastritis - Comprehensive overview covers symptoms and treatment of both acute gastritis ... Read More



Fats 5



Sodium 5


Dietitians 5

Who is a dietitian? What are the qualifications of a good dietitian? Do I need a dietitian... Read More



Ulcers 5



Allergies 4

Food allergy; Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, testing and treatment of this irrita... Read More





Iron 2


Oral Health

Oral Health 2

The importance of Oral Health Care - Common Problems associated with oral health - plaque,... Read More


Zinc 1



Iodine 1





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