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Can Exposure to Excessive Noise Pollution Be An Occupational Risk for CVD

Tuesday, November 09, 2010
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Can Exposure to Excessive Noise Pollution Be An Occupational Risk for CVD
Mr. Gupta a contractor by profession was overseeing the demolition of an old building in the heart of the city when he suddenly felt very faint and found his heart palpitating. He asked his chauffer to rush him to the nearest hospital fearing another heart attack as he had a previous history of heart disease and did not want to ignore the repeat symptoms he was feeling.

On the way to the hospital, he tried to figure out what could have precipitated this attack, as he had become a changed man with regards to his diet & exercise. What he did not realise was that the cacophony of noise - hammers, bulldozers and people shouting at the top of their voices - together created such a high decibel noise level, that it had triggered the symptoms. A simple case of noise pollution!




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User Comments

10 November, 2010 | Srimathy Chandran | Reply

Srimathy Chandran I feel any individual working in areas with high decibels should take precautions like wearing a ear plug, helmet, goggles, gloves etc etc so that they can protect themselves from such stress. By taking small precautions like such many health conditions can be prevented. Along with these having a balanced and nutritious diet, exercise daily helps a great extent as mentioned by the dietitians of Nutritionvista.

22 November, 2010 | Vijayalakshmi Iyengar | Reply

Vijayalakshmi Iyengar In India unfortunately most companies use cheap labour and save on these protectional gear not realising its not humanitarian for one and it will cost their productivity eventually.

10 November, 2010 | Saket | Reply

Saket OMG is this the reason why many young guys in stockbroking and construction get heart attacks ? India is polluted in everyway including noice so do you think the high decibel noise level is cutting off years of many of our lives? Scary man!!

10 November, 2010 | Mrinal | Reply

Mrinal Whoa there Saket!
It's not as bad as you make it sound. I think diet, lack of exercise and stress factors are what is contributing to the increase in CVD in brokers and construction workers.
I think extreme loud noises for prolonged periods of time exacerbate the stress levels which in turn cause chemical imbalances that can bring about changes in heart rhythms.

10 November, 2010 | Vijayalakshmi Iyengar | Reply

Vijayalakshmi Iyengar Dear Saket, anybody who adopts a good diet, physical activity and life style can handle stress better than one who does not.
Noise pollution is yet another stress which by itself will not kill anyone,but probably make them hard of hearing. It can precipitate a heart attack or any other health challenge which was at the threshold, brought about by a bad diet, exercise, stress and life style management. So the Mantra is to Live and Eat Healthy to beat other odds.

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