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Blood Glucose Target Levels

People with diabetes need to keep their blood sugar (glucose) levels stable and as near to normal as possible. Knowing your blood glucose target range can help you prevent or delay the start of diabetes complications with your eyes, kidney, feet and nerves.

Keeping a track and noting down your blood glucose level results on a daily basis will enable you to see how food, exercise and stress affect your blood glucose levels. Large shifts in blood glucose levels can leave you upset, confused, frustrated, angry or feeling depressed.

Recommended blood glucose targets for people with diabetes
  8 hr Fasting blood glucose/ blood glucose before meals (mg/dl) Blood glucose two hours after eating (mgl/dl) Low blood sugar level High blood sugar levels
Blood Glucose Target levels for most patients with diabetes 80 - 130 160 - 180 < 70 > 180
Normal blood glucose levels 70 - 110 80 - 120 < 70 > 180

The NutritionVista "Symptom tracker and blood report" monitoring tools provide you with a simple means of logging your glucose levels along with the foods you’ve eaten and exercise you have undertaken for the day.

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Top 10 Foods for Diabetics

What you eat directly impacts your glucose levels. To prevent large swings in glucose levels as well as to eat a nutrient rich diet, go for these Top 10 foods for diabetics.

Top 10 Foods for Diabetics

Recipes for Diabetics

Lasooni Hara Soup (Spinach soup with a garlic flavor) Lasooni Hara Soup (Spinach soup with a garlic flavor)
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