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  • Use our diet guidance systems menus that suit your needs


NutritionVista Super foods are nutrient rich and healthy. Good for weight control, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Super Foods

, white, stir-fried, 1 cup. Calories: 28
Very good source of vit D, B vitamins, potassium, copper & selenium. Good source of dietary fiber, protein, vit C, folate. Good for overall health, cardioprotective.


Health Solutions | In Depth Coverage provides web-based nutrition tools and services that enable consumers to take charge of their own health. Our clinical nutrition programs provide online nutrition counseling services for weight-control; nutrition therapy for managing diabetes and cancer and customized menu plans to lower cholesterol. Our online nutritionists provide health risk assessments, diet evaluations, guidance and support to address the consumers underlying health conditions and personal likes and dislikes.

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