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Ways To Reduce Cholesterol

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Tips to reduce cholesterol to prevent developing Chronic Heart Disease
Those with chronic heart disease need to watch their diet on multiple fronts. Just reducing sodium intake will not cut it. Those with chronic heart disease should also limit their intake of saturated fat and cholesterol. Eating foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol raises the bad (LDL) cholesterol, which in turn exposes you to developing other types of heart diseases, including coronary artery disease.
Use the NutritionVista daily food and nutrition diary to monitor your intake of cholesterol from saturated fats. Get into the habit of reading food labels whenever they’re available. Find ways to reduce cholesterol intake from foods rich in Saturated fats to less than 300 mg if you do not have an underlying heart condition.
Those with cardiovascular disease (CVD) should limit their daily intake of saturated fats and cholesterol from foods to less than 200 mg of cholesterol daily. It’s also important to remember that your total fat intake should be adjusted to meet your daily caloric needs (based on your weight, age and height)
Ways to reduce cholesterol: Adjusting your daily dietary intake.
Here are a few tips to reduce cholesterol simply by reducing your intake of the following foods which are high in saturated fats and bad cholesterol:
  • Whole milk, cream/ malai and ice cream, rabri - try fat-free milk and low-fat frozen yogurt instead.
  • Butter, egg yolks and foods made with them, such as cakes and pies, bhajjias, cookies, gajjar halwas
  • Fried tikkis, mithais, Haldiram's snacks, pooris, parathas
  • Cheeses and foods made with them - try low-fat cheeses or string cheese instead
  • Saturated oils like coconut oil, palm oil and palm kernel oil
  • Fatty red meats that aren't trimmed of excess fat
  • Chicken and turkey with the skin on, General Tso's chicken.
  • Solid fats like shortening, stick margarine and lard
  • Fried foods such as fried chicken, French fries and potato chips, chole bhature.
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