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The Veg Vs. Non-Veg Diet Debate

Saturday, April 11, 2009
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A crazy debate that has raged back and forth about the inadequacies of a vegetarian diet versus hazards of a non-vegetarian diet is both accurate and wrong, and if one really looks at both groups of people and their eating habits there is room for healthy living in both. Confused??

As humans we are creatures of comfort, habit and stubbornness. People get sick over time from consuming an inadequate diet or overeating and from leading sedentary lives. Did you notice the key missing words in this sentence above? There is no mention of the words Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian. This rule applies to both categories.

It's not the type of cultural or religious beliefs we hold but our actual diet and the food we consume that is pulling the rug out from under our feet.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that death from diabetes and heart disease alone costs India about $210 billion every year, and it is expected to increase to $335 billion in the next 10 years.

So the average person is more likely to die from a lifestyle disease then from an automobile accident, or infectious disease such as pneumonia.
(Now to the crux of the debate, the wholesomeness of both these categories)

Mostly, we humans can be divided into two rough categories:
1. The veggie lovers
2. The non-veggie lovers
•  A vegetarian diet (veggie-lovers) is one wherein a person consumes all types of plant foods along with milk and dairy, but completely avoids consuming all meat and animal derived foods and by-products.  This includes avoiding contact with these products as well.
•  A non-vegetarian diet (non-veggie lovers) includes all plant foods as well as foods and by-products derived from animals like meat, poultry and fish, etc.
Nearly every significant study carried out on people who are vegetarians has shown the following:
Vegetarians are at an increased risk for:
•  Iron deficiency anemia
•  Zinc deficiency
•  Vitamin B12 deficiency
But, Hey! Before you non-vegetarians jump in here and say, "See I told you so!" Lets get this straight.

VEGETARIANS CAN and ARE ABLE to get adequate nutrition from an exclusively vegetarian diet.
If vegetarians consume a variety of foods along with the right amounts of foods from each food group, a veg. diet can meet the recommendations for all nutrients. Those vegetarians that especially focus on including foods that are rich in calcium, zinc, and vitamin B12 to counter a potential deficiency, achieve optimal health.

Of course, the most important part in this equation is EXERCISE. If you keep that element out, no amount of healthy vegetarian food will help you in the long term.

Hey you vegetarians, jump up and down for Non vegetarians are consuming more and more and more high fat content pork, chicken, turkey, beef and seafood than they have ever eaten in the past. A study carried out in 2003 showed that Americans ate more of each of these foods than they did a half-century earlier. Now you might jump up and down and say, Oh! That study applies to Americans only, so why bring it up here, but let me tell you, globally everyone loves to emulate and follow all of America's BAD habits.

The biggest increase in consumption has been for poultry. Chicken and fish in itself have not been shown to cause chronic diseases, but when the chicken and fish are deep fried in partially hydrogenated oil, they become one of the most potent causes of heart disease as they then contain trans fatty acids.

Studies have also found the following with non-vegetarians:
•  Have shorter lifespan and are more prone to chronic diseases as compared to vegetarians
•  On average have more heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.
•  Predominantly eat lesser amounts of fruits and vegetables than recommended.
So which one is better? Today, both these categories are falling short.
Looking at current trend of a veggie lover and a non-veggie lover, they are BOTH consuming more of refined cereals (white bread, white rice, etc.), as compared to whole grains (whole wheat bread, brown rice, etc). Refined grains are devoid of their vitamins and fiber due to the polishing process.
Have you counted how many varieties of packaged and processed foods are available on the shelves today for both Non veg and veg diets.  Well! Don't count as it will make your head spin. We are all emptying our pockets for convenience at the cost of damaging our health. The only ones laughing all the way to the bank are the manufacturers of these products.

We are consuming more of processed and ready to eat foods such as baked goods and fried goods in place of more healthful foods such as raw fresh fruits and vegetables. Also lets talk about SALT. Huge amount of salt is found in baked goods, packaged and processed foods and fatty meats. The combination of all the above, i.e. high intake of refined cereals, baked goods and fried goods, salt, fatty meats, promote obesity, heart disease, stroke and diabetes. (Please note, `Dear Reader' that this applies to both veggie lovers and non-veggie lovers)
Both non-veg. and veg.diets are killing us: The use of refined foods (that are devoid of natural & healthy nutrients) & foods containing saturated fats and cholesterol

Therein lies our universal problem and solution: STOP the Debate on which category is better and understands our common problems.
We Indians have turned into a nation of FOODIES:
1. Fast Foodies
2. Fried Foodies.
The fact is both diets can help us achieve optimum health, prevent nutrient deficiencies & other chronic diseases "IF" the focus is towards maintaining a healthy & an adequate diet by choosing the right quantity & quality of food.

Both vegetarians and Non-vegetarians need to start consuming a balanced diet & exercise adequately but more importantly change their attitude from "Fast and fried tastes best" to a "Fresh is better" approach.

By.Kanupriya Khanna, Dietitian,

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User Comments

04 May, 2013 | bharadwaj | Reply

bharadwaj eat only veg but take egg 4 times a week this is best one to do become egg contain all amino acids and minerals if possible take mushroom

30 April, 2013 | Komal Bhardwaj | Reply

Komal Bhardwaj u did a gr8 job .... lots of thanxx to u !!

03 August, 2012 | Gaurav singh | Reply

Gaurav singh i think that ............................................. nonveg and veg are healthy

03 May, 2012 | Jagdish Patil | Reply

Jagdish Patil Hi friends, I think our diet basically depends upon our childhood habits, If our parents & our community allow non veg diet then we follow the same. Its individualism. We are all veg by nature
But when we grow & we decided to take herbivorous Or non veg only its depend upon our attitude. But as per my suggestion "All the peoples should take equal amount of vegetarian meals and non vegetaarian meals. So that our body can get all the vitamins and proteins and some animal fat in this fast life." Thank You All!

22 January, 2012 | Ajay Bijesh Issac | Reply

Ajay Bijesh Issac This isn't a very good idea cause we are aiming @ the conclusion of which is better -veg/non-veg but it doesn't make sense when you say that lets put an end to the debate and diverting from the introduction - "A crazy debate that has raged back and forth about the inadequacies of a vegetarian diet versus hazards of a non-vegetarian diet".

30 January, 2012 | praneeth | Reply

praneeth yes,u r correct sir,its a good idiea and also it is correct we should consume both,but any thing consuming more causes some effect,few think that for taste the animals are killed but actually many animals are also killed for the extra wants like cosmetics,which they r also using

01 January, 2012 | 9945748213 | Reply

9945748213 wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27 December, 2011 | Dr.kiran | Reply

Dr.kiran i agree with your topic.this is very good suggestion to every human being.we better to follow this.along with proper diet exercise is must.thank you.

01 November, 2011 | mgh | Reply

mgh There is nothing as pure veg but we can try to be vegan as much as possible.

02 October, 2011 | Mihir Roy | Reply

Mihir Roy I feel veg is good for health. I am diabetic and non vegeterian.I was using unsilin for controlling blood sugar level.But I was suffering from illness freequently. Since last six months I am doing Yoga and taking veg food. Instead of Insulin I am using Ayurvedic medicine. I notoiced a major changes in my health. My blood sugar level is under control.Now I am very much active in my job. Veg food has changed my life.

03 October, 2011 | Vijayalakshmi Iyengar | Reply

Vijayalakshmi Iyengar Dear Mr Roy as long as you ensure that you eat adequate amounts of good quality protein, Iron, Zinc and Vitamin B12, you will have a healthy life with veg food..Like we said in our article Non Vegetarians globally have shorter lifespan and, be it Hypertension, Diabetes or CVD, non vegetarians are more prone to them. They also seem to eat lesser amounts of Fresh fruits & veggies. Probably Veg diet appears to suit you better so go for it, however an occasional dish of sea food can be had as it is heart healthy. Also please read the article again and note that you need to avoid fast foods, fatty and fried foods and refined foods.

28 October, 2011 | satyen | Reply

satyen i think mr roy did read the article before sharing his experince. The fact is just to justify the habbit of non veg food we use all sorts of reasoning. If we have a health survey it will be clear what kinds of side effects non veg food has on one thought process and life style. We can say that eating non veg is as much good as vegi but in modern life style which we live in metro you can see how much you can digest the same, Even a lion takes veg diet ones a week to keep his digestive system in good shape. I am saying all this as i can feel the attute to bend the facts just to justify somes habbits.

07 September, 2011 | Yogesh Rana | Reply

Yogesh Rana People who wants to eat non-veg. will give certain reasons.
Vegetarian diet recovers from any defficiency.

14 December, 2011 | Soumya | Reply

Soumya u r right

01 August, 2011 | G C Rao | Reply

G C Rao Of Course, Vegetarian food is the best source of food for consumption. What about the East and Western countries of the world. They were not habitat to this as the plants do not grow their like India. They are accustomed to eating animals. We need to spread the concept of Vegetarian food and also what kind of food can be prepared using vegetables. It is of ignorance that the people of other countries are not able to give off animals. They really dont' know what to prepare with vegetables. Eat them Raw ? or how to cook nicely. We Indians have to spread the kind of items you make like curries, or Dal or whatever stuff you name. Spread Green Environment..

15 June, 2011 | Manju | Reply

Manju Veg is positive food ' nonveg is negative food .so please eat positive food

24 September, 2012 | bharat | Reply

bharat there is nothing in the world called as positive food or negetive food. there is positive attitude and negetive attitude.. I guess you have a neg attitude

11 June, 2011 | ramesh kshetri | Reply

ramesh kshetri i think veg is the better one

17 January, 2012 | praneeth | Reply

praneeth i think veg and non veg both r better any substance consuming more causes some effect we should consume both veg and non veg

21 March, 2011 | Nishit Gandhi | Reply

Nishit Gandhi Every1 thinks about their own diet and health. Ofcourse they should! But esp for nonveggis i wud ask dont they ever think about killings of so many lives..?? Recently i watched a videos of Slaughter House and It was proud that I will never ever be responsible for such cause.!( as i never ate and will eat nonveg in my life) and above all be it veg or non veg, if Veg taken in proper diet pattern then it will surely eliminate all disadvantage of it(improper consumption as many people even dont know dos/donts about eating any food) and will always better then nonveg.. I dnt know how nonveg taste but if some people eat it just for taste than i would better say that AT THE STAKE OF ANIMALS LIFE TASTE SHOULD NOT BE IMPORTANT..!!

17 January, 2012 | praneeth | Reply

praneeth ya u r correct taste is not important than life but most of the animals are killed for wants like cosmetics,skin which u also use ,i dont think that i have a stage to cross answer u because i am still 8th class if any mistake plz for give me

15 March, 2011 | Omnivore | Reply

Omnivore Actually an omnivorous "non-veg" diet has no bad points. Veg diets if they are planned well and include some animal foods like milk products/eggs(essential for Vit B12) can also be healthy but having all possible foods to choose from is always better.

The "bad points" have nothing to do with veg or non-veg. Refined(ie high heat/pressure treatment+bleaching+deodorizing) oils(esp high PUFA oils), hydrogenated oils/trans fats/margarines, artificial sweeteners, excess sugar, excess refined salt, preservatives and food chemicals, bleached grains, "Frankenstein" foods*, are the "bad points". Being a glutton is also never good as is leading a sedentary lifestyle. Add to all this: alcohol, smoking, air pollution and lack of sleep.

The refined grain products that are unbleached are healthy if they are taken along with fibrous veggies, quality proteins and some natural(not refined,bleached,deodorized) fats(preferably high in MUFA or SFA). The problem today is that refined grains like wheat are bleached with chemicals and this is then taken with little or no fiber and eaten along with foods cooked with refined high PUFA oils. Whole grains have a lot of nutrition but unfortunately they also come loaded with anti-nutrients like phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors that negate to some extent their inherent goodness. If whole grains are soaked for a proper period of time in proper media, OR if they are fermented OR if they are sprouted, the anti-nutrient content is reduced a great deal and THESE whole grains become super healthy. The regular supermarket whole grains are inferior to these.

The problem with studies done in the west that show non-veg as an inferior choice is this: People in the west who take to vegetarianism do so to improve their health. As a result, they change their LIFESTYLE(No smoking, restricted or no drinking, proper sleeping patterns and avoidance of too much processed foods). Comparing such vegetarians to "normal" non-vegetarians is always going to be unfair. Normal non-vegetarians do smoke, drink and engage in bad habits overall more that those veggies. The problem is lifestyle not meat or animal fats which have nourished mankind for thousands of years.

*An example of a so-called Frankenstein(or freak) food is baskin robbins ice creams. Go to the US site of baskin robbins and check out the ingredients for some of their ice creams. One ice cream had almost 50!! ingredients. Chemicals after chemicals. People go about putting so much garbage from the rubbish that the entire food industry serves us and then poor innocent saturated fat or animal fat or red meat or dietary cholesterol or non-veg in general gets blamed.

14 March, 2011 | Omnivore | Reply

Omnivore "Non vegetarians are consuming more and more and more high fat content pork, chicken, turkey, beef and seafood than they have ever eaten in the past. A study carried out in 2003 showed that Americans ate more of each of these foods than they did a half-century earlier."

This is totally misleading. Traditional American diets were rich in animal fats like butter, tallow and lard as well as cholesterol with liver and eggs being eaten quite frequently. Americans have replaced these fats with refined veg oils and margarine in the last 100 years or have adopted low fat low cholesterol eating habits. Traditional people would frown at the concept of eating lean meat or skinless chicken and would hardly consume seed oils. The amount of butter, lard and tallow used today is far less than 100 yrs ago. Yet heart disease and other related issues were low. Today the meats are cooked in seed oils rather than animal fats. In India, Ghee, coconut oil and fatty buffalo milk were consumed in larger amounts in the past. The consumption of natural animal fats and high sat oils like coconut have actually decreased or at best remained constant. What has increased is the consumption of refined high PUFA veg oils (soybean, corn, safflower, cottonseed), sugar and artificial sweeteners, preservatives and so many food additives(chemicals).

Non veg diets are actually omnivorous diets. It is absolutely ridiculous to think that a restrictive diet like vegetarianism is better than a diet that includes all the goodness of veg and has some more goodness in the form of animal foods. Heart disease and other ailments have nothing to do with non-veg food nor dietary cholesterol nor dietary saturated fats.

15 March, 2011 | Vijayalakshmi Iyengar | Reply

Vijayalakshmi Iyengar Hello Sir,
Every coin has a flip side. We only want to convey that its perfectly alright to choose veg or non veg food as long as its healthy in all aspects.Both Veg and non veg food have certain good points and bad points in them and we have people who have benefited and those who have suffered from a faulty diet.The important thing is to ensure one chooses to eat a wholesome healthy food, be active and lead a good life style.

24 February, 2011 | dhruv | Reply

dhruv I too think that vegetarian diet is way better than non vegetarian diet...

24 August, 2011 | kishor | Reply

kishor why so?

29 September, 2011 | amiy | Reply

amiy because we are taking lives just for the sake of taste.

27 December, 2011 | kiran | Reply

kiran then why r u killing the plants ?

19 January, 2011 | isahbiazhar | Reply

isahbiazhar I was a non vegetarian till I was 53 years old.I was a sports man till the age of 35.I developed hypertension at the age of 30 due to lipid problems.I was on Beta blockers for some time with lopid added.At the age of 53 I became a vegetarian and three years later a vegan.I walk 9kilometeres almost every day since the age of 40.Now my blood pressure is normal and I have no lipid problem.I survive on soya and spinach.I take B12 regularly plus calcium as I do not take dairy products.I do not take coffee or tea.I drink ginger drinks and fruit juices.I wish the vegan society grows more.

24 February, 2011 | anshuman jha | Reply

anshuman jha Its great that you found a healthy menu that suits your needs and has proven good for your health. The exercise must have helped as well.
I have few questions for you.
1. How long did it take for your bp, lipid to return to normal.
2. How many years ago did you become vega.Do you eat the same exact foods every day - or change the vegetable or other vegan foods.
also, is this hard to follow the same think day in and out.u dont get tired?

But any way, good for u.

16 January, 2011 | narendra | Reply

narendra If plants and grains are sowed and verious crops are taken out in one acre of land over a year, it can satisfy the food need of 20 men. but if the same land and time is used to grow crops to feed animals, then that anumal will satify hunger of only 2 human beings.. hence being veg will remove the poverty to some extent.

25 May, 2011 | Sudhanshu | Reply

Sudhanshu Sorry! but I don't find any logic in this.

28 October, 2011 | satyen verma | Reply

satyen verma please do some search in google you find plenty of research figures for the same i will give you a sample page in case you are lazy enough not to do that.

29 September, 2011 | amiy | Reply

amiy dont try to find logic- understand what he wants to conclude, become veggie.. and help yourself in the long run.

15 January, 2011 | kanika bhardwaj | Reply

kanika bhardwaj I truly believe that vegetarian diet is much-much better than non-vegetarian diet.I also believe that if we want a healthy and disease free life, we must adopt vegetarian diet as our diet pattern.

22 November, 2010 | Dr Dinesh | Reply

Dr Dinesh I strongly belive that veg food is far better than non-veg food

15 October, 2012 | NAP | Reply

NAP Im a non veg and there are plenty of foods to chose from. Im 34 years old weear a size 2 and eat meat like chicken, turkey and seafood. Veg are more fat cause all they eat is pasta and fired food!

18 November, 2010 | Dhirendra Kumar | Reply

Dhirendra Kumar Veg is good

25 September, 2010 | yuvi | Reply

yuvi i think veg is good not only for our health but also for the universe

27 September, 2010 | Sangeetha Narayana Swamy | Reply

Sangeetha Narayana Swamy Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian, the important factor is eating the right kind of food in the correct form and in the quantity required by our body.

If we indulge in the foods that are high in fat, sugar and energy be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, it is going to harm our system and have adverse effect on our health.

25 May, 2011 | Sudhanshu | Reply

Sudhanshu I appreciate your comment ma'am, I think the same. we should look for a food good for health and that fulfills the need of ones health whether it be veg or non-veg that's it.

12 August, 2010 | salim.k.k. | Reply

salim.k.k. i think veg. is not bad but fruits are better (fruiterian)

06 August, 2010 | tejas | Reply

tejas I think veg is good for health

13 July, 2010 | vanilla beans | Reply

vanilla beans I agree that vegetables is more healthier.

10 June, 2010 | Poonam Vaswani | Reply

Poonam Vaswani True! Portion control is a very important aspect of healthy eating.

31 May, 2010 | Kanika Jain | Reply

Kanika Jain Hello Vishnu,
I appreciate your opinion Vishnu. As you mentioned, home cooked food is not always healthy but other way round is also not true. In the same way, outside food is not always unhealthy. Its our judgment while selecting food stuff\ cooking method used \ eating (portion size), whether at home or outside, that decide whether food eaten is ultimately healthy for us or bad.

I agree that Indian diets are carbohydrate based and vegetarian diet would provide protein of lower biological value, but with careful selection of foods in our daily diet we can easily meet our protein requirements.

Also, for a healthy balanced diet, we need not just protein and minerals and vitamins but carbohydrates and fats too. Fats also have important role to play in our body. However, excess of fats especially saturated fat and trans fat is of course bad.

As you appropriately said not only watching out what we eat is important but regular physical activity should also go hand in hand with it.

NutritionVista team appreciates your efforts for maintaining healthy life…

Kanika Jain

31 May, 2010 | vishnu | Reply

vishnu I do eat meat, but once every week or so.. So I consider myself predominantly vegetarian. Ever since I was a kid I was over weight(but never obese). I would cherish food as most Indians would do.At my peak at the age of 17, I was 6 feet tall and weighing 93 kilos!! I would play no sports and did zero exercise.

But with the onset of adolescence the need to look attractive arose. I started exercising and consciously started avoiding high fat food, but still eating home cooked normal Indian food. In 2 years I reduced my weight from 93 to 76 kilos. I looked thin but was weak. I must have lost all muscle.

Indian veggie diet is a bad source of protein and our meals are loaded with carbs. and most mothers love to make tasty food, which need not always be healthy. So from 2003 to 2008 I did regular gym/jogging and maintained my weight at around78-81 kilos. Still i always felt i was overweight.

Finally at 2008 I moved out of house to complete my masters, which is when i started cooking on my own. I always had tried to avoid high fat, high carb foods, but neglected this rule at home. But now since i was the cook, I made sure that the least fat/carbs entered the food i make. I ensured that more fiber was present and more proteins were present. I also reduced the amount of weight training I do, and massively increased cardio(i run 5 km daily). Now at age 25, as I write this, i weigh 72 kilos(6ft) and look the fittest i have ever been in my life.

So basically the point i make is, home cooked food need not be healthy. You may still end up consuming fat(oil involved in cooking,butter,ghee) and tonnes of carbs(rice, chapathi, sweets). And if we choose not to do exercise then we all are bound to become fat, and unhealthy.

Trust me guys, be conscious of what you eat, and do exercise EVERYDAY. You'll be happy everytime you look in the mirror and whenever you say no to a tasty but unhealthy dish.

21 May, 2010 | Vijayalakshmi Iyengar | Reply

Vijayalakshmi Iyengar Dear Swetha, Shova, Utpal Bhattarcharjee & Hannah,
As Hannah aptly said, instead of debating if veg is better than non veg or vice versa, it is more important that we recognize that both kinds of food have healthy components and not so healthy components in them. We should therefore choose wisely and eat. However the more worrying aspect is overeating, unhealthy eating (junk food) and a bad life style as explained in the article, which we need to put in order for a healthy living.
Thank you Hannah for your words of appreciation, we truly value it.
Ms. Vijayalakshmi Iyengar
Sr. Dietitian,

21 May, 2010 | Hannah | Reply

Hannah i feel this article has rightly explained the crux of the matter. rather than fighting over which is good, veg or non-veg, we should be more bothered about our lifestyle. anything in excess a danger!!!
very well written; interesting too!!!

02 March, 2010 | Swetha | Reply

Swetha I guess non-veg or veg should be personal choice. if God wanted us to be a vegetarian(herbivorous) then he would no have given us the canine teeth at all, but we have both of them so I personally believe that humans are meant to be omnivorous.

if health is considered the article has said it in a very good manner everyone needs to have balanced diet and exercise well

07 February, 2011 | Aishwarya | Reply

Aishwarya has god personally met u n said this??? absolutely no..just because we r taste followers we look for an excuse using god(abt canines that u hv mentioned)...even jesus, krishna, sai baba were vegeterian..being their followers we shud try to follow their ways instead of changing their image according to our own likes..being non vegeterians we lose kindness towrds our nature and our dear animals..even sai baba were kind to their enemies..wat to say of truth and dont ask truth to chase you..

02 March, 2010 | Swetha | Reply

Swetha I guess non-veg or veg should be personal choice. if God wanted us to be a vegetarian(herbivorous) then he would no have given us the canine teeth at all, but we have both of them so I personally believe that humans are meant to be omnivorous.

30 October, 2011 | ddr abhay chheda | Reply

ddr abhay chheda canines that humans have are actually not those canines which are found in dogs, lions etc. They are not that sharp, they are not that long, they are rudimentary. Again carnivorus animals have short intestines and herbivorus animals have long intestines. We have long intestine. Carnivorus animals dont perspire, herbivorus animals perspire. We perspire. What was originally given as food to humans – See Genesis chapter of Old Testament, Bible – 1-29 - ‘See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food."
Genesis 9-3,4 "Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you; and just as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything. Only, you shall not eat flesh with its life, that is, its blood. For your own lifeblood I will surely require a reckoning: from every animal I will require it.

Following are prophet Mohmadd's sentences.
“Do not allow your stomachs to become graveyards!”

“A good deed done to an animal is as meritorious as a good deed done to a human being, while an act of cruelty to an animal is as bad as an act of cruelty to a human being.”

“All creatures are like a family (Ayal) of God: and He loves the most those who are the most beneficent to His family.”

“He who takes pity {even} on a sparrow and spares its life, Allah will be merciful on him on the Day of Judgment.”

“Allah will not give mercy to anyone, except those who give mercy to other creatures.

Where there is an abundance of vegetables, a host of angels will descend on that place.”
“At one time the Rasul of Allah(Prophet Mohmadd) said to his cousin ‘Ali, ‘O ‘Ali, you should not eat meat. If you eat meat for 40 days, those qualities will come within you. Because of that, your human qualities will change, your compassionate qualities will change, and the essence of your body will change.”

“During that time, the Arabs used to have cattle, camels, goats, ghee, dates, wheat flour, and all those things. They had no vegetables or curries. Those times were times of eating flesh. Then Mohammed the Rasul came. He could not stop them from eating flesh completely, because this was their only food. He could not tell them not to eat flesh, because they would have killed him. Therefore, he had to tell them slowly and explain it to them little by little.”

29 September, 2011 | amiy | Reply

amiy dont blame god for your selfish desires.

28 January, 2010 | Shova | Reply

Shova i also think veg is the better one.

30 August, 2009 | Utpal Bhattarcharjee | Reply

Utpal Bhattarcharjee I think veg is the good for health

14 December, 2011 | Soumya | Reply

Soumya Who told u this ?
if there is a will there is a way
by the way let me tell u i am a PURE VEG!!!

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