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How To Be A Loser

Thursday, August 28, 2008
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In today's world looking good, fitting in and attracting attention have become an all-consuming distraction for teens as they try to find their social order in peer groups.
Being even slightly overweight or obese can trigger their desperation to make drastic changes in their diet to achieve the elixir of slimness at any cost.These weight loss or weight gain swings can adversely affect the long-term health of a teen and create feelings of anxiety that might become habitual and continue on into adulthood.

Unfortunately, the reality is that a lot of today's youth have been seduced twice over. The same glitzy ads that beckon living life through eating, drinking and partying, tout a slim physique as the ultimate prize. It's a contradiction that has led to a whopping 10 to 14 per cent of the adolescent-teen population worldwide being overweight or obese.So, you aren't the only one affected by this `dilemma.' You have been wooed into leading a sedentary lifestyle while binging on junk food.Any weight loss program that promises to help you lose 10 kilos in a month is probably pulling a fast one to make a faster buck. Be sensible and don't waste your time and money on such quick fixes because their long-term outcome is more often than not a failure!

Perfect balance

 A sure-fire way out is to balance. Make a decision of making gradual changes in your diet, then throw in a bit of activity and you will see the benefits. Be different, and get ahead! Make sure you don't give up nutrients such as Calcium, iron, zinc and some quality protein while trying to shed those extra kilos. Ensure these nutrients take center stage in your diet. A variety of colorful vegetables (just a serving or two a day), fiber-rich fruits (pears, apples, pineapples, mangoes, bananas.), low-fat milk and yogurt and lean meats will do the job.So, what are you waiting for!

Diet Tips

  • Don't start the day hungry! Whole grain toast, cereal/ oatmeal, eggs and toast, or sprouted moong with some fruit. Hey, even a few chapattis with a subzi/cooked vegetable is good. Make breakfast count.
  • Avoid both diet and non-diet sodas. Cut down on your intake of fruit juices as well. Sink your pearly whites into a crunchy fruit, instead.
  • Don't stuff yourself, hold back. Try and squeeze in four to five smaller meals rather than three `big' meals to ensure a higher metabolic rate resulting in more calories being burnt! Snack smart! Pick nuts, whole grain crackers, fruits, raw veggies and low-fat yogurts.
  • Drink up that H2O! You need at least 9-10 glasses of fluids per day. Opt for plain water or coconut water or soups or flavored ice teas to quench your thirst. Bear in mind that coffee & cola drinks can dehydrate you.
  • Move your butt! 30 - 45 minutes of exercise at least 4-5 times per week. Take your pick from working out at the gym or jogging with friends or a game of squash/ badminton or indulging in adventurous activities like trekking & kick-boxing.
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User Comments

05 June, 2010 | Kanika Jain | Reply

Kanika Jain Very true, as aptly said by Padmashri, teens are more prone to give in to peer pressure and self image concept. But irony is, on one hand, youngsters swear by junk food and colas and on other hand they want to look healthy and fit too. It is important for them to realize that to keep fit one needs to have a healthy balanced diet and adequate physical activity.
Simple lifestyle changes like having wholesome breakfast, avoiding junk foods and doing physical activity would go a long way in maintaining their overall wellbeing.

Kanika Jain

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