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Respected Doctor, please help child is suffering from acute prescribed him duphalac syrup 10ml twice but still the problem is not solved .he does not want to go washroom until i force him.what should i do i am taking a lot of care in his diet plan . can u please help me????.can u suggest a diet plan and better medicine for him.i am very very worried.
Have heard that cows milk should not be given to children below 5 years as it is not healthy for their bones.. Is it True ??? Could you also please suggest some recipes.. Thank You !
Hi Mrs. Iyengar, I am 14 years old, 5 feet 2 inch tall and weigh 50 kg. I like eating fast foods, chips etc which are oily. I just want to be 40 kg. I am ready to do any exercise you recommend for daily 1 hour. Please also suggest to me what I should have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My cousins are all thin and so please help me. Thank you, Reshma
Pl suggest daily nutritional diet for our son especially for weight gain. Currently he weighs 8 kgs.We have observed that he likes liquid diet which is easy to swallow. Thanks in advance.
Dear Mrs. Iyengar, My Child Is 2.3yrs old n survives only on milk with Complan...rarely has biscuits n chips...had vomiting tendency sometime back. What should I give him to tempt his taste buds? I'm really worried..
Dear Ms. Shanmugaraj, Thank you for answering me my questions about my daughters health. Sometimes my daughters outer corners of the mouth become dry and sometimes bleed due to her scratching. Why is it so, Please help. Mrs. Zeeba Kanpur
Dear Dr. Maheshwari, How do you get heart attacks? Can children get heart attacks too. Thank you, Raman.
Dear Ms. Shanmugaraj, My daughter is 9 years old. Can you please give me a healthy food chart that is good for her health. I want her to be tall and have good shiny skin. What care should I take for her at this age. Thank you, Mrs. Zeba Kanpur.
My dear Mrs. Padmashri, Thank you for giving me such a quick reply! I can see that avocados and bananas have lots of calories and are really very good for active kids like me. I will try and remember your advice and include more fruit in my diet. Bye, and thank you again. I will write to you soon. Raman
Dear Mrs. Padmashri, I have not written to you for a long time. How are you? I have two questions. 1.How much nutrition does an avocado have? 2.How many seeds does a banana have? Thank you, Raman.
Hi Mrs. Shanmugaraj, I am 14+ and I am very thin. Plz tell me some nutritious food that will help me put on some weight. Thank you, Pallavi Uttar Pradesh
Dear Mrs. Shanmugaraj, I keep on puking during 3 hr or more journeys unless I take Avomine. This does not happen to any of my family members. Can you help me prevent this nausea? Can you also suggest healthy food with oil? Sincerely, Twinkle Age 12 Arunachal Pradesh
Dear Mrs. Shanmugaraj, I want to get thin but I can't. I know. Exercising can make me thin and that's why I joined Basket Ball. Is there any other way of going thin? Sincerely, Prakriti, Jaipur
How is asthma caused and how can we keep our bomes healthy? Mrs Atul, Mussoorie
Dear Mrs. Shanmugaraj, I do not like green vegetables, please give me some substitutions. Thank you, Navahmaleeka.
How can we maintain simplicity in the foods we eat?
Kindly advise nutritious diet for my 12 year old daughter who wants to have healthy and strong bones. Thankx, Mr. Arun Chandigarh
Hello Dr. Maheshwari, Could you please help me with these two questions. What should my heart rate be when I am resting, and after I have played tennis for an hour? What is the easiest way for me to calculate my heart rate? Thank you, Tasha Age 12
Mrs. Shanmugaraj, How often should i feed my 20 month old so that every day she can get complete food and nutrition? Thank you, Mr. Rahul Kala, Bangalore.
What should we have for healthy kidneys
Dear Dr. Raju , Is it true that the air is getting more and more politteid and Is it that that people are getting asthma beacause the air is politteid or, beacause of the hot summer weather we have. Thank you Raman
Dear Dr. Masheshwari, What two things can damage my heart? and What are two things I can do to help my heart? Thank you, Raman
Hello Mrs.Iyengar, I want to know if it's ok that I like only cauliflower & potatoes and I eat either of them, everyday? I sometimes like a mixed subzi if it's made really spicy. Am I getting enough nutrients to grow up into a tall & healthy teenager? Thank you, Mihika
Hi, I am a 13 year old, 5ft 1' teen who weigh's 53 kgs. In regard to physical excercise I dance hard about 8 hours a week but other than that don't have time for much more physical activity. Problem is I love everything fattening. Tried to do no carbs like my mom does, but only manage a few days. Please give me suggestions of yummy snack options if they exist!
Dear Mrs. Shanmugaraj, I had loose motions this morning, but I am better now. Should I eat more calories when I am sick or less. I had a lot of dahi, dal and chawal today. Thank you, Raman.
Dear Mrs. Shanmugaraj, What has more nutrition, coconut water or the white part of the coconut. I like the white part better. Also, could you please tell me why some people are not allowed to eat the white part. Thank you, Raman
Dear Mrs. Iyengar, Can you please tell me what benefits I can get from eating mushrooms? I am an egg-eating vegetarian and I want to know if mushrooms will help build my muscles. Thank you, Sanjeev
Dear Mrs. Shanmugaraj, I love, love, love, boiled green peas and wanted to know how many green peas I should eat to be able to say I ate one serving of vegetables. Is it one teacup full or a large soup bowl full of green peas or a handful. Is it bad that I only eat green peas. Thank you, Mana
Dear Mrs. Shanmugaraj, Is it true that green chillies have a lot of Vitamin C? Thank you. Tasha
Dear Mrs. Iyengar, Could you please tell me what an "Antioxident" is. Is it good for kids too. Thank you. From, Tasha.