Live Chat

The Live Chat feature is another critical Nutrition Tool that NutritionVista has created to enable you to have access to your personal dietitian.

This Nutrition tool provides you the following:

  • Access to very well trained dietitians who have the patience to guide you as you make the effort to improve and change your dietary habits and lifestyle.
  • Talk to your personal dietitian at your convenience
  • Get customized menu plans based on your current health and dietary needs.
  • Have questions on health, nutrition, your diet and lifestyle answered.
  • Get approval on foods that are appropriate for any pre-existing condition like overweight, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and more.

The Live Chat feature is a paid service for our members only. To benefit and subscribe to this feature Please click here to register and make a payment.

Payment Options

  • Payments through PayPal (recommended as it is the easiest and a very secure mode) will make your access immediate.
  • Payments offline will become effective after payment has been received by the NV accounts department.

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